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Our company is a solutions-driven organization distributing sealing devices, and engineered plastic products manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. Our services include:
Consultation/Problem-Solving. Through our extensive engineering expertise and that of our supplier companies' engineering and R&D departments, we work with product engineers, designers and specifies and with design engineers at our supplier companies to solve specific problems (including cost) by specifying or (in many cases) fabricating custom components that will create new products, solve existing product problems, or improve present product quality and/or value.
•Liaison. We serve as the connection between our customers' and suppliers' design/specifying staffs in the solution of problems through the custom design or application of the varied products we distribute.
•Sourcing. We serve most customers as the primary source of our specialized products. 
•All Manufacturers Representative Services. Scheduling deliveries, expediting orders, and follow-up, personal contact--total service. Our goal is to make each transaction eminently satisfying to all those involved.

PTFE Seals, Rotary Seals, Shaft Seals, PTFE Products Seals, PTFE